Sheldon, Student Observatory, and Fluffy Psycho Bunnies - 6/9/15

In tandem with the Sheldon Museum of Art's exhibit, Romance of the Moon: Science Fiction Invades Art, the UNL Student Observatory opened it's doors after Jazz in June on June 9, 2015. The event was arranged by the UNL Department of Physics and Astronomy with help from Nicole Benker, Shawn Langan, Emma Schneider, Ed Schmidt, and Zachary Smith. Attendees were able to see Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn through various telescopes. In addition to the telescopes, the Fluffy Psycho Bunnies played a free, all-ages rock concert with hits from the 60s to today. The evening's activities were featured in the Daily Nebraskan. Nearly 150 people attended the event and enjoyed an eclectic mix of science, music, and socializing.

Photos of the Fluffy Psycho Bunnies preparing and playing (photos courtesy of Verona Skomski).

Heavy duty preparations for the big event. From left to right: Cyndy Petersen (vocals), Chris Schmura (vocals/drums), and Christian Binek (guitar). Not pictured: Mark Petersen (vocals/guitar)
Fluffy Psycho Bunnies bandmembers perform.
Bandmembers perform next to the Student Observatory.
The sun sets behind the bandmembers.