Astrophotography taken in Nebraska

This page is dedicated to astrophotography captured in Nebraska. Interested in submitting a photograph for display? Please contact Shawn Langan at or at 402-472-2199.

Venus near lunar conjunction ... during the day! - 12/7/15

Venus near Lunar Conjunction

Image Credit: Professor Kirill Belashchenko

Milky Way over Toadstool Park, Nebraska - Summer 2015

Strip of Milky Way in the night sky

Image Credit: Erik Johnson

Wildfire Haze Scattering Moonlight - 6/29/15

Moon reddened by the wildfire haze

Image Credit: Mike Machian

Children from the Nebraska State Museum enjoy a visit to the UNL Student Observatory - 6/25/15

Child holds telescope while Professor Emeritus Ed Schmidt looks on

Photo courtesy of the University of Nebraska State Museum, Umbrella Photography

Aurora Borealis Visible in Nebraska - 6/22/15

Aurora Borealis in the sky behind a wooden barn

Image Credit: Erik Johnson

Aurora Borealis Near Broken Bow, NE - 6/22/2015

Aurora Borealis with a windmill in the foreground

Image Credit: Scott McCullough

Milky Way Visible Above Behlen Observatory - 6/20/2015

Milky Way in the sky above Behlen Observatory

Image Credit: Erik Johnson

Rare Triple Eclipse on Jupiter - 1/24/2015

Europa, Calisto, and Io create shadows across the surface of Jupiter, as seen from Earth

Image Credit: Micheal Sibbernsen

Partial Solar Eclipse Viewing UNL City Campus - 10/23/14

Solar eclipse as viewed through special glasses designed for looking at the sun

Image Credit: Shi Cao

Eclipse Montage - 10/8/2014

Timelapse of the lunar eclipse stages

Image Credit: Brett Boller

Definitive Nebraska Skyline - 9/13/14

Skyline and twilight over Nebraska corn fields

Image Credit: Mike Machian

Orion Nebula - 9/25/2012

Orion Nebula

Image Credit: Brett Boller

Earth From 80,000 Feet Via a High Altitude Balloon Project - July 2012

Clouds and fields on the Earth's surface as seen from above

Image Credit: Michael Sibbernsen