Haunted Open House 10/30/15

Behlen Observatory hosted a Haunted Open House on Friday, October 30 from 7:30pm until 11:00 pm. While the weather was overcast, trick-or-treaters still got to enjoy costumes, Halloween decorations, and the Basement of Boo! Society of Physics Students and Lecture Professor Mike Sibbernsen performed scary physics demonstrations.

Photos courtesy Kendra Sibbernsen and Brad Shadwick.

SPS student demonstrates underneath a blacklight
Telescope under black light
Mannequin next to doorway leading to a physics demonstration
SPS students demonstrate to visitors
Girl in costume touches Van de Graaff generator
Mike Sibbernsen demonstrates with packing peanuts at the Van de Graaff generator
Student in skeleton sweatshirt stands next to a projector showing a face
Visitors watch the physics demos